When Commissioners rely on County Administrators to dictate how our tax dollars are spent, they risk losing sight of the priorities.

Severe vehicle crash. District 5, Lyons Rd. West Boca Raton.
Severe vehicle crash. District 5, Lyons Rd. West Boca Raton.

As a Paramedic Firefighter Captain, John has personally experienced working on some of the most horrific motor vehicle crashes in Palm Beach County history. John was the Captain on the first arriving fire engine on the June 4th, 1999 crash at the Whisper Walk, Yamato Road entrance in West Boca Raton (District 5), that claimed the lives of 6 senior citizens.

John was also on the scene of another tragic crash that claimed the lives of 5 teenagers on Palmetto Park Road, just West of the Florida Turnpike (District 5) back on February 23rd, 1996.

John has also worked many crashes on Lyons Road at the treacherous intersection between the communities of Escondido and Timbers of Boca Raton, where there’s been at least two resultant deaths. John has also been a resident of Escondido (District 5) for the last 35 years.

Johns activism along with other residents and their arduous pleas with county officials to fix this traffic safety problem, was the main catalyst in Johns decision to run for Palm Beach County Commission, District 5.

Not taking care of basic maintenance can indicate a lack of attention to your needs. This also places a subconscious insecure stress on our taxpaying citizens. District 5 has often been described as a “Donor District”, meaning tax dollars flow out, but not there’s not much return.

Signs of neglect

  • Poor road maintenance: Inefficient funding leads to poor attention to the condition of our roads, things such as potholes, cracks, faded lines, and uneven surfaces, overgrown foliage, can cause severe, sometimes fatal crashes.
  • Inadequate signage and road markings: Neglected maintenance can also result in faded or missing road signs and markings, damaged or burned out flashing warning lights, leading to potentially fatal crashes.
  • Inadequate funding: Inefficient budget allocation can lead to under staffing for police and fire, limited equipment, and outdated firefighting apparatus, hampering their ability to effectively respond to emergencies and prevent crime.
  • Traffic congestion: Lack of investment in road infrastructure maintenance leads to increased traffic congestion, longer commuting times, and decreased efficiency in transportation.
  • Longer response times: Mis-allocated budgets may result in delayed response times, as fire and police departments struggle to maintain adequate staffing levels and sufficient resources to promptly reach the scene of fires, crimes, vehicle accidents and other emergencies.
  • Compromised public safety initiatives: Mis-management of county resources, hampers the implementation of important public safety programs, such as crime prevention initiatives, community policing efforts, and fire prevention campaigns, resulting in increased risks and decreased overall safety within our community.

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