John Fischer

John Fischer

for County Commissioner District 5

Meet John Fischer, your candidate for Palm Beach County Commissioner in District 5. John is committed to keeping the community safe. Additionally, He understands the importance of being responsible with your tax dollars. Thus, he wants to take a comprehensive look at the budget.

John wants to improve communication and teamwork between commissioners and staff. He has 27 years of experience with Palm Beach County staff.

John knows that the community needs affordable housing for essential service workers. John is a strong advocate for Pro-Life and the Second Amendment. He works hard to spread peace and always puts America, Florida, and Palm Beach County first.

Vote Fischer for Commissioner. He is an experienced leader who is dedicated to listening to and serving, we the people.

  • Political Ideology:An America, Florida, and Palm Beach County First Republican
  • Date of Birth:March 1962
  • Born In:New York
John Fischer


Florida Paramedic License

Broward Community College


Emergency Medical Technician

Miami Dade Community College


Florida State Certified Firefighter

Florida Fire College


Graduate - Herricks High School

Herricks High School


Employment History

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

Palm Beach County (District 5) West Boca Raton, FL


Hired by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, October 27th, 1986, retired as a Captain in 2013, after 27 years of active-duty service to the citizens of Palm Beach County. Most of which serving District 5. 27 years of collegiate continuing education credits in the fields of Fire Service and Emergency Medical Care of the sick and injured.

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With a deep-rooted commitment to community safety, John has been actively involved in improving road traffic safety, particularly addressing a local concern on Lyons Rd in West Boca Raton—a passion that propelled him to run for office.

Before officially entering the race, John took the time to understand the responsibilities to the role of commissioner – by consulting with both past and present county commissioners, as well as gaining insights from candidates in other offices. His proactive approach includes regular attendance at county meetings to stay informed and updated on crucial issues impacting the board’s decisions.

Leveraging his extensive 27-year experience with Palm Beach County staff, John aims to enhance communication and collaboration between commissioners and staff. Recognizing the importance of fiscal responsibility, he demonstrated his personal commitment by paying off his 30-year mortgage in just 16 years, showcasing his ability to manage finances efficiently and prudently.

Vote Fischer for Commissioner

Vote Fischer for Commissioner

Vote Fischer for Commissioner

Vote Fischer for Commissioner

John’s keen awareness extends to critical community needs, including affordable housing for teachers, firefighters, police, and other essential service professionals. Pro-2nd Amendment, and a commitment to promoting peace, John prioritizes the interests of America, Florida, and Palm Beach County.

Vote for John Fischer—an experienced, fiscally responsible leader dedicated to putting Palm Beach County First.