John Fischer’s Priorities

Serving Palm Beach County’s 5th District as a Paramedic Firefighter Captain for 27 years, John brings a unique perspective to the table. He is well versed in swift, and efficient action. Commissioners must act on the information that county staff provides them. John was staff. He knows how the system works. (Highlight each one of John’s three basic campaign platform issues below, and click “Learn More”)

Our Public Safety

Our Public Safety

Our politicians’ negligence towards basics, like traffic safety, combined with their inability to ask the tough questions has endangered our lives and we deserve better.

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Our County Response

Our County Response

With the inability to ask the hard questions, make sound decisions and prioritize the needs of the people they have left a trail of disappointment in their wake.

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Our Budget

Our Budget

With a bloated, and still growing budget. We need a comprehensive independent outside audit, and transparency with our budget. The neglect of our basic services can, and has had adverse effects on public safety.

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Meet John Fischer - A Lifelong Public Servant

The Candidate Who Puts WE THE PEOPLE FIRST

Regardless of your political affiliation, you’ve likely grown tired of career politicians who prioritize their own agendas, distribute their hollow newsletters and attend photo opportunities over our everyday needs. Trust in our government is at an all-time low.

Vote for change in OUR County

Our current political landscape is mired in constant delays, distractions, and the possible return to imposed mandates that force us to choose between keeping our jobs and/or our freedoms, and distract our attention away from the pressing concerns within our own communities.

It’s time to break-free of the stalemate

“My name is John Fischer, and I am running for District 5’s County Commissioner seat because I believe it’s time we break free from career politicians who’ve become disconnected from we the people”.

"With 27 years of experience, as a first responder and a leader, John understands what our community needs from our local government and how to best meet those needs."


A Little More About Me

For John, it’s all about OUR community

My Mission

As a retired Fire Captain trained to lead under stressful situations, John will be a representative who transcends partisan politics and will find practical solutions for the pressing issues within our community. John’s priorities are as follows:

  • Reducing Tax Burdens
  • Public Safety
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Outside Independent Comprehensive Budget Audit
  • County Response
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Law and Order
  • Create Citizen’s Advisory Boards

I am a candidate who will put
“We The People” of Palm Beach County First!

Vote for me,

For John, it’s all about OUR community

Here's how you can help

#1 Petitions

We need 1,635 signed & verified candidate petitions from the residents of PBC Commission District 5. With 1,635 petitions we save a steep filing fee.

2# Volunteer

We invite you to join the John Fischer Team. Volunteers are the heart and soul of any campaigns.  We would be honored to have you join us.

#3 Fundraising

The hardest part of any campaign is getting the message out and that costs big money. We have to reach the majority of 43,489 Republican voters for the primary.

Your contributions will help us Reach more Americans

We invite you to join the Fischer for Commissioner team. We will need volunteers to collect petitions, go door-to-door, hang signs, host and plan events, text and call people, manage and share social media, and/or, most importantly, fundraise!

Please watch John’s 3 minute patriotic video above “I am the Nation”. If you like the performance, please consider making a donation to John’s campaign.

When volunteer time is scarce, donating any amount goes a very long way. Every dollar donated will go towards reaching more Palm Beach County and patriotic Americans.

Once again, please watch John’s 3 minute patriotic video above “I am the Nation”. If you like the performance, please consider making a donation to John’s campaign.

Thank you for being part of the Fischer for Commissioner team! Please let us know if and how you may be able to help.

If you live within PBC's Commission District 5

If you live within Palm Beach County Commission District 5 (within the gray area below),
please download, print, and legibly fill out a petition (all fields), then return it to John. Or arrange for a pickup.

Details are on the form. This will help John save money and qualify to be on the ballot.

Vote John Fischer for County Commissioner District 5 Petition Map

At least & most importantly, VOTE!

Unleash the transformative power of democracy. Politicians are more likely to pay attention to the needs and demands of a large voter base. So let’s surge the polls.

It’s time to stand up and vote John Fischer for County Commissioner.

Yes John, you can count on me!

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