John Fischer for County Commissioner: A Fresh Vision for Our County

  • Streamlining for Efficiency: Our county budget has reached a tipping point of 7.6 Billion Dollars ($7,600,000,000), to which the county administrators would like to add 1.2 Billion Dollars more – at a time when inflation is through the roof. Johns approach will focus on streamlined spending, ensuring every tax dollar is used effectively / efficiently. Commissioners must trust / rely on administrators to give them accurate information to make fiscally prudent budget allocations. John knows there’s a difference between balancing a budget, and balancing waste. John Fischer spent 27 years in a Palm Beach County staff position. He knows how the system works.
  • Transparency, Fostering Trust: John vows to champion transparency and responsible practices. He believes in greater accountability, conducting meticulous audits to optimize spending and ensure taxpayer funds are used wisely. With John as one of your County Commissioners, you’ll gain insight into how your hard-earned tax dollars are utilized, building trust in government decisions.
  • Revitalizing Essential Public Services: Neglecting crucial areas like public safety infrastructure – has consequences. John understands the importance of prioritizing these fundamental services to safeguard the well-being and prosperity of our county’s residents.
  • Empowering Public Safety: In Johns pursuit of fiscal excellence, he is  committed to supporting law enforcement and Fire-Rescue agencies with sufficient resources. Strengthening public safety will create a secure and resilient society for all, fostering a sense of unity and protection.
  • Join John on our path to financial success: Achieving fiscal excellence requires a comprehensive and prudent approach. As we embark on this journey together, we invite your support. Together, let’s optimize the budget, and prioritize essential public services for a brighter future in our county.
  • Make a Difference; Elect John Fischer for County Commissioner: John offers a fresh new vision for our county, focused on sustainable growth, responsible spending, and strong public services. It’s time for a change, and John is ready to help lead the way.

We invite you to join the John Fischer for County Commissioner team for a better future. Please watch John’s 3 minute video performance “I am the Nation” (Link at the top of this website page) and make a donation today.

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Washington D.C. has been described as a “Swamp”. Palm Beach County has its own Swamp. Palm Beach County has been described as ground zero in leading America back to prosperity. So, even if you’re from another county, or another state, we will still need your help in draining the swamp with your best contribution. Please watch John’s 3 minute video of his performance “I am the Nation“. (Link at the top of this website) ….. If you enjoy Johns performance, please make a donation today.